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Proud Pepper at rest

I Try to Steal Pepper’s Treerat

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Pepper was so very proud at having caught and killed a fluffy tailed treerat He trotted around the yard with such pride letting no one near him. Finally he settles down to rest This is when I spied with my feline eye a delicious fresh killed treerat Thinking Maybe if I fain disinterest If I […]

Waiting for the Doctor to come in & take my temperature

I Got a Dose of Cat Flu

Posted · 12 Comments

I started feeling poorly and my human said if I didn’t feel better the next day she threatened me with a visit to the Cat Doctor vet. The next day I felt much worse and looked a bit raggedy with a hollow horse meow So it was to pass…….   Down we went to the […]

The Cat Shepherd Helps Free a Stuck Lamb

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On this evening I went up to feed the ram lambs, I had just fenced a gap they had been escaping through the day before, I was not expecting any problems. When feeding the lambs I realized 3 were missing and could hear them calling from the far side of a fence in my neighbors […]

Cat Shepherd in Some Sticky Situations

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Bodacious has gotten into some sticky situations in the last few days. First he met one of the local hedgehogs who didn’t like a cats nose stinking in his business so went all prickly on him. Then I was sorting out rams and the cat shepherd was not wise to the fact that rams like […]

The Cat Shepherd Tries To Help With the Hay

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This morning was another hay working day but with a difference. I had to do loads of it on my own which meant lots of going up and down ladders. Some of the work crew were scared of the noise from the hay elevator. I would unload a heap of hay load it onto elevator […]

Diary of Bodacious the Cat Shepherd aka (Mr.B)

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Bodacious the cat shepherd is also known as Mr.B, he has a huge following of admirers on Twitter. I have been asked several times to give him his own account but he is as much a part of the Zwartbles flock as he is his own cat. Bodacious loves walking the morning and evening rounds […]




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